Safety & Quality

"Our health and safety management systems are a key factor in our decision-making processes."

We are united for safety. Safety is a fundamental value to the culture of UPI. Our approach is that every accident is preventable, and we carry that philosophy into every project through a combination of safety orientation procedures and training programs.

Our objective is to significantly enhance workplace safety and health in all the markets UPI serves.

We strive to ensure a safe work environment for our employees and clients. To that end, we develop, promote and offer a comprehensive set of safety services and programs that employees support and practice daily.

Our approach is geared toward providing the following services:

  • Full time project safety representation and management
  • Our safety professionals continually assess the workplace for potential hazards which impact employee safety and take immediate corrective actions steps to resolve any conditions, all corrective actions are reviewed as well with the employee based to ensure heighten awareness and non-reoccurrences
  • Work with clients to develop site-specific plans for continuous improvement of safety processes

Our safety professionals can be deployed to any project and work side-by-side with project management, engineering and field services to facilitate incident reduction and prevention. In addition, we require our subcontractors to adopt our commitment to safety and health to ensure comprehensive project delivery of exemplary safety performance even in hazardous work environments, inclement weather and remote locations.

Keystone Pipeline Vice President’s Award for Safety Performance – 2010

Keystone Pipeline Vice President’s Award for Safety Performance – Phase 2 – 2010

BP Pipelines Incident-Free Award – 5000 Injury-Free Hours – 2005

BP Pipelines Incident-Free Award – 5000 HSSE Incident Free Hours

BP Pipelines Accident – Free Award – 2001-2003

Quality Management System

UPI has developed and refined our Quality Management System (QMS) consisting of robust procedures, processes and standards for management and control of engineering, design, procurement, construction management and commissioning of onshore, offshore and power assets worldwide.

Our QMS defines a common approach to executing projects within our company. These processes and practices give us a blueprint for our standard approach to complete successful, repeatable deliverables for every project.