Oil & Gas Flow Assurance

Moving liquids and gases through pipelines and flow lines across small or large systems is a core strength of UPI. Multiphase transport, or flow assurance, is a key component for onshore and offshore developments. This critical analysis ensures the uninterrupted and safe transport of the produced fluids as they travel along the pipeline. UPI has met some of the energy industry’s most complex flow assurance challenges moving oil, gas, condensates and water in the same pipeline. Our commitment is to identify issues that may impact the safety, integrity or production capacity of the lines.

A productive well stream is a profitable one. As the explosive growth into deepwater continues, UPI foresees the greater emphasis on assuring flow in these challenging environments. Depending on the fluids produced and the stage of the project/asset life cycle, our flow assurance testing and services can also be a part of the long-term operational support. Flow assurance is critical for tie-backs to existing systems, managing difficult fluids and maintaining production in harsh environments.

Pipeline capacity is a critical parameter of design specification. Flow assurance studies are essential to mitigating the cost burden of system overdesign for deepwater oil and gas production and cross-country pipeline projects. UPI offers flow assurance services that are fully integrated with our engineering and design process throughout all phases of your onshore or offshore projects.