Subsea Projects

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AGIP- K2 Project

UPI performed multi-well subsea design and engineering for AGIP’s K2 Multi-well Subsea Development located in Green Canyon 562 in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, UPI provided conceptual study for field development, High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) study and cost estimate, and assistance with subsea controls and umbilical(s) engineering.

Anadarko- Independence Hub Project

UPI provided engineering permitting, procurement assistance and construction management services to Anadarko Petroleum for 195 miles of 8-inch and 10-inch subsea flowlines, umbilicals and subsea structures for their Independence Hub Project in the Gulf of Mexico (8,000 ft. water depth). The project included seven Steel Catenary Risers with over 120 miles of production control umbilicals in 15 segments with four dynamic riser sections. This project marked the first use of carbon fiber rods in the umbilical dynamic sections.

ATP - Cheviot Development

UPI was responsible for the conceptual, FEED and detailed design for the subsea pipeline system, umbilical and controls system definition for this development that had high content of CO2. The scope included option screening, field architecture, materials selection, basis of design, specifications, tender package preparation, tender review and flow assurance. The dynamic flexible riser system design using Orcaflex that was connected to propose Octabuoy. UPI provided project management support and generated TFQs, tender evaluations and contract management.

Amerada Hess Corporation – Baldpate Export Pipeline System Garden Banks

UPI performed conceptual and detail design of 16-inch and 12-inch export pipeline system including two of the worlds first steel catenary risers (SCR’s) and a diverless mid-line tie-in structure. UPI undertook design and project and construction management through to the installation of the system.

ATP Oil & Gas- Mirage Subsea Development Project

UPI provided ATP Oil and Gas with the detailed design for development of a floating production facility and subsea field development to support a three well, dry tree development in the Mississippi Canyon 941 in the Gulf of Mexico (4,000 ft. water depth). Detailed design was also provided for both export pipelines and steel catenary risers (SCR), all subsea structures including three in-line (future connection) sleds, one PLET; and one pile anchored, oil tie-in manifold with break-away jumper. The scope also included all associated flow assurance analysis, project management, procurement and technical support for the subsea portion of this major hub development, including interface management, pre-commissioning, dewatering, start-up and regulatory assistance.

Bluewater Industries- Telemark Subsea Development Project

UPI assisted Bluewater Industries with the construction of a high pressure-high temperature subsea tieback development, located in the Gulf of Mexico. UPI provided detailed design of both flowline and umbilical, with associated catenary risers and the design of all subsea structures. UPI also provided all associated flow assurance analysis, project management, procurement and technical support for the subsea portion of this development, including interface management, pre-commissioning, dewatering, start-up and regulatory assistance.

Chevron- Blind Faith Project

UPI performed an independent review of practices requested by the Minerals Management Service (MMS) for Chevron’s Blind Faith prospect in the Gulf of Mexico. This prospect was developed to carry production to the host facility, consisting of a semi-submersible floating production facility, located in Mississippi Canyon Block 696 (6,500 ft. water depth). The MMS requested a Certifying Verification Agent (CVA) perform independent review of practices employed in design, fabrication and installation of steel catenary risers (SCR’s) to ensure conformance to all applicable regulations, standards, and industry packages. The scope of CVA consisted of witnessing critical activities defined by MMS, QA/QC inspections during flow-line and export pipeline fabrication, inspection of flow-line pipe coating and handling during load-out; welding, automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) and coating inspection during onshore flowline and SCR fabrication and spooling. Survey representation during pre-lay flow-line survey was provided. In addition, installation inspection and survey inspection during flowline, and SCR and oil export pipeline installation were provided.

BWI - Cheviot Field Architecture

UPI provided engineering design services for the field architecture and platform tie-in of the Cheviot field development. Services included materials selection; flow assurance including definition of chemical injection, gas lift and service requirements; controls, chemical injection and hardware schematics; field layout drawings; riser concept selection and establishing third party tie-in locations, battery limits and interfaces.

BWI - Cheviot Development

Scope included option screening, field architecture, materials selection, basis of design, specifications, tender package preparation, tender review and flow assurance. UPI undertook the dynamic flexible riser system design using Orcaflex that will be connected to propose Octabuoy. UPI also provided project management support in relation to generation of TFQs, tender evaluation and contract management.

Chevron- Tahiti Pipeline Project

UPI involvement with this project included provision of client representatives to assist Chevron with the connection of the Tahiti Platform and the Amberjack Pipeline System, and other existing crude oil pipeline infrastructures in Green Canyon 641 in the Gulf of Mexico (4,200 ft. water depth). UPI provided various QA/QC inspectors to act as client representatives during the flow line and export pipeline fabrication and construction processes. The services included welding inspection during the entire onshore fabrication phase of flow-line quad joints at JRM’s Amelia facility, welding inspection during onshore fabrication of PLET’s and subsea equipment, and during the oil export pipeline installation activities onboard the Allseas Solitaire vessel.

ENI- Longhorn Field Project

UPI provided detailed detailed engineering design services including: subsea, controls, umbilicals and flow-lines to ENI for the completion of the Longhorn Project. Located in Mississippi Canyon 502 in the Gulf of Mexico (2,400 ft. water depth), the project required the transportation of a subsea manifold to an existing fixed host platform via two 8-inch flowlines. Special care was taken during transportation due to the production of gathered gas by the subsea manifold from three wells. Additional services included procurement support and project management for the fabrication and construction phases.

Hess Corporation- Penn State Project

UPI provided engineering services to Hess Corporation including conceptual and detailed design for the installation of a single flowline, control system, installation of high-pressure boarding valve skid, and new structural support system to receive riser located in Garden Banks 216 in the Gulf of Mexico (1,440 ft. water depth). Design included flow assurance, topside facilities, design of flowline, controls, umbilical, PLET, riser, jumper, and the engineering of the chemical injection system. Scope included interface management with subcontractors and vendors for startup, commissioning and operations procedures, construction and installation overview, and commissioning. UPI also provided permits, preparation of bidding packages, and QA/QC for all phases of the project.

ONGC – Vashishta Phase II

UPI provided concept and FEED services for the offshore development covering field development concept engineering, FEED and project management contract including onshore terminal, subsea system and well completion system. Scope included concept identification and screening, system flow assurance, field development cost estimate and schedule. Scope also included development of ITT packages, tender evaluation and post award engineering reviews and verification.

PEMEX- Citam-A/Bolontiku-A Project

UPI assisted Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) with the selection of the most suitable structural configuration for 12 oil wells in an effort to minimize weight and installation costs for installation of drilling platforms in the coastal region of Tabasco Bay of Campeche, Mexico. The platforms were to be located in approximately 100 feet of water, and were to be designed for production test equipment, primary production separation, and a platform mounted drilling rig. The design included pile, structural, process facilities, electrical and instrumentation, telecommunications, controls and safety shutdown systems. UPI also provided SCADA, auxiliary services design and a hazard and operability (HAZOP) study.

Shell- Compressor Module Relocation Project

UPI provided project management, engineering, design, drafting and permit support for the removal of Shell’s existing compressor module from South Timbalier 301 Platform B. The scope of work included structural evaluation and modification, process piping isolation, tie-in and routing, and revisions to affected documents.