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Anadarko Petroleum- Power Play

UPI assisted our client by performing bid preparation, evaluation, project management and engineering through design, build and installation for development of oil reserves in Gulf Block (GB) 302 using dual flow lines tied back to the Baldpate platform in the Gulf of Mexico. UPI also performed riser detailed engineering design and provided procurement support for the project.

ATP Oil and Gas- Mississippi Canyon 711 Debottleneck Project

UPI provided project management and detailed design to ATP Oil and Gas for debottleneck and expansion to existing facilities in order to accommodate three additional subsea wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Design was provided for subsea wells and manifold, topside process facilities, instrumentation, electrical, controls and structural. Startup and commissioning procedures, construction management, scheduling and offshore inspection were also performed. UPI addressed the problem of flow characteristics of actual flowing wells being different than the original design basis.

Bluewater/ATP – Gomez Enhanced Recovery

UPI provided the design and FEED for the Gomez field enhanced recovery project.  The ATP Gomez field at Mississippi Canyon 711 experienced a mid-life reservoir pressure decline that lead to a decreased production to the existing gas lift system which was unable to effectively alleviate.  ATP looked at several alternatives to boost production.  UPI’ scope was to evaluate concepts then pursue FEED level engineering for jumpers, risers, plets, and topsides modifications and interface with vendors of specialized equipment.

Chevron- Jim Bob Mountain Project

The Jim Bob Mountain Development included installation of four new remote well sour gas satellite facilities and one new sour gas test facility in the Gulf of Mexico. All production was routed back to the existing Tiger Shoals (SMI 217A) facility. Major upgrades at the Tiger Shoals facility were required to accommodate the new production. UPI provided engineering for facilities design, structural design, and electrical and instrumentation design. Also included in UPI scope of work were material procurement, programming, project management support, construction support and FEED studies.

El Paso- Energy Bridge LNG Project

UPI provided engineering support and design for the EL Paso Energy Bridge Project. Support included: offshore pipelines and metering platforms, including risers and hot taps. The project involved an offshore metering platform and three subsea pipelines for the LNG Project in the Gulf of Mexico. The design philosophy was to adapt proven technologies to produce a highly reliable offshore re-gasification vessel and delivery system with minimum project risk.

Ocean Energy- Zia Project

UPI provided Ocean Energy with project management support for 18 months for the Zia field project in Mississippi Canyon 496, tied back to Marathon South Pass 89B. UPI was responsible for executing project sanction through successful startup for the Zia Field Project located in Ms. Canyon 496, tied back to Marathon’s South Pass 89B. The Zia Field Development encompassed a future oil well subsea tieback to an existing fixed production platform over a distance of approximately 16 miles. UPI assisted with responsibility for all aspects of the subsea control umbilical including design, specification, manufacturing management and installation management UPI performed redundant analysis of flow line thermal expansion response and jumper spool stress. Superintendent and inspection coverage were also provided. While generating detailed RFQ’s for umbilical manufacturing and installation, UPI provided high density inspection coverage for all umbilical manufacturing and testing activities, both at the component and assembly levels. UPI also performed spanning analysis for umbilicals.

Niska Gas Storage – Wild Goose Storage Expansion

Niska Gas Storage made additions and modifications to their Wild Goose Gas Storage Facility located in northern California.  The Facility injection and withdrawal rates were increased by 200/250 MMSCFD respectively.   To achieve this, a third train of equipment and essential utilities will be added and consists of the following;  Two Caterpillar 3612 gas engine-driven Ariel JGD-6 single stage reciprocating gas compressors with associated jacket and auxiliary water coolers and gas after-coolers, Compressor Discharge Coalescing Filters, Inlet Slug Catcher and Gas Filter, Glycol Regeneration Skid with TEG Contactor and After Scrubber, Modifications as necessary to debottleneck existing plant piping, Interconnect Piping, MCC Building, Back-up Generator and Instrument Air Skid.

Swift Energy – Westside

UPI was responsible for I&E, Facilities and Structural design for a major inland waters grass-roots 20,000 BOPD production complex. In addition to engineering and design, UPI supplied inspection and construction supervision personnel, document control and project management. Facilities included oil, gas and water processing, compression and sales equipment located on steel and wooden structures, steel and concrete barges. Design included consideration for potential sour gas production. UPI provided engineering and design services from conceptual through startup and commissioning, and provided ongoing support.


Swift Energy - CM3 Facility

UPI provided engineering, detailed design, procurement assistance, documentation, inspection, construction management and commissioning support for Swift Energy during startup. The project scope consisted of a system upgrade to the existing infrastructure of the Louisiana inland water production facility, which added additional gas treating and compression capacity. The project scope also included the addition of a moored barge facility with separation, oil treating, gas compression, power generation and the development of a new Wonderware SCADA control system, which included the emergency safety shutdown (ESS) and process control system (PCS).