Inspection Related Projects

TransCanada - Bison Pipeline

UniversalPegasus provided as-built survey, mapping, construction management and inspection services for 303 miles of 30-inch natural gas pipeline in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. The project was completed in 2011.

Chevron- Tahiti Pipeline Project

UniversalPegasus involvement with this project included provision of client representatives to assist Chevron with the connection of the Tahiti Platform and the Amberjack Pipeline System, and other existing crude oil pipeline infrastructures in Green Canyon 641 in the Gulf of Mexico (4,200 ft. water depth). UniversalPegasus provided various QA/QC inspectors to act as client representatives during the flow line and export pipeline fabrication and construction processes. The services included welding inspection during the entire onshore fabrication phase of flow-line quad joints at JRM’s Amelia facility, welding inspection during onshore fabrication of PLET’s and subsea equipment, and during the oil export pipeline installation activities onboard the Allseas Solitaire vessel.