Engineering & Design Related Projects

Florida Gas Transmission - Phase III, V, VI, VII Projects

UniversalPegasus performed survey, detailed engineering design, construction management, and inspection services for hundreds of miles of various diameter natural gas pipelines for FGT’s Phase III, V, VI, VII, and Turnpike replacement projects. The projects included 200+ miles of natural gas pipeline for Phase 5 and 6 for various looping sections of the FGT Pipeline as well as completing Phase 6 and 7 of the FGT Compressor Stations including the Turkey Point Compressor Station in Miami, Florida. The projects were completed throughout 2007-2008.

Transwestern Pipeline Company - Bloomfield Compressor Station Project

UniversalPegasus provided the detailed design for the installation of a 15,000 HP electric motor driven Solar C65 centrifugal compressor utilizing a Vorecon variable speed gear drive. This project included a new compressor building, new major gas piping additions, major piping rerouting, and two services of gas cooling and all associated electrical systems. UniversalPegasus also designed the High-to-Medium voltage (115 kV to 13.8 kV) substation including medium voltage (13.8~12.47 kV) distribution switchgear, medium voltage distribution to a Power Control Room (PCR) Building and the medium voltage motor control including autotransformer across the line starting in New Mexico.